Ans: It’s an online training as of now and duration is 12 weeks, Typical timings are Weekend morning & Weekday Evenings.

Ans: The goal of this training is to have someone be job ready for a Data Scientist as long as he/she has some sort of software background as an employee or a student. We will be providing assignments on all current data science relevant technologies. By the end of the course you will gain hands-on experience in Data Science by engaging in several real-life projects in domains of banking, finance, entertainment, e-commerce, etc. We will also assist you with resume building and interview tips to crack the interviews.

Ans: DataNext provides Job Support like mock interviews, Interview questions, and does placement assistance. 

Ans: Course fee is 500 USD for Spot registration ,offer ends this weekend.

Ans: Anaconda Software, Python 3.6, Jupyter Notebook, Canopy. Tensorflow, Theano softwares. Orange tool, Tableau for trial period. AWS, Azure subscription for free trial period. Sample programs in Machine Learning and NLP. Book Names, Online references.

Ans: Fundamentals of BI & Statistics is plus,if not we will train you from scratch. A laptop with windows operating system (500 GB hard disk & Minimum 8 GB Ram)