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Data Science Training

Data Next is one of the top growing institute in US who aims at catering students with various job oriented courses like Advanced Data Science, Big data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Python, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, Blockchain and Digital Marketing. Bagging experience of uncountable years, Date Next has excelled in placing students at giant companies with respect to their opted courses.
We Data Next, tied-up with many MNC’s and domestic IT companies where we provide 100% placement assistance and better salary packages in IT industries. However, Data Next has helped thousands of students to progress towards becoming experts in these fields and promised a standout amongst the best resources to train you and every one of the courses is 100% down to earth that furnishes you with top to bottom information. Additionally, you get boundless uncertainty tackling session once you complete the course.

Why Data Science is Booming in the IT industry?

As Data science industry in US is booming .  Data Next  which is the best training institute in Columbus, Ohio has seen this as an opportunity to educate students and help them get placed in the esteemed IT industry as data scientists and business analysts.
We are a team of experienced IT professionals and have had our share of experiences in different data science and software-related courses and training while working for the IT industry. Additionally, we have researched the software industry and found out the needs of an IT employee, thus we understand the needs of a data scientist and IT trainee.

However, during the establishment of the institution, it has been quite difficult for us to search and hire good trainers, yet after long research and picking out the top academicians we succeeded in placing highly experienced trainers for our institution. Because we have always believed that in order to get students trained in a particular course, it’s quite important to look out that the trainer is perfect in the respective field. 

Evolution of Data Next

For several years, the IT technology consulting industry has been thriving in United states of America, the secondary market for the IT program. That is why we have created a platform integrating software, education, and community to help businesses grow better every day. So, Data Next at Columbus became a new campus-wide effort based on collaboration in research, education, and effort across offices and colleges in United states. Therefore, we connect researchers who are developing analytics, computation, and statistics with instructor or trainer and students in a direction that is being changed by data science. However, we intend to give an expansive presentation to logical and societal issues and outfit our community with the data science and digital marketing techniques that are expected to address them.

Data Next for Students

Firstly, Data Next, has a dedicated Portal of placements for students who aspire to get placed at giant companies like Amazon, Facebook,Bank of America, Franklin Templeton, etc. Data Next has always specialized and is well known for the Data science course in United States, as it has served huge number of batches and got maximum placements from it.

Data science is the modest course of this generation which is an advanced course of machine learning. As data science teaches one to how to solve the problems in a much more analytical way, almost every giant Indian company has come up with a need of certified Data scientists. Finally, this course has got the highest demand and also the highest paying jobs in India and post India.

Every course at Data Next,  has got certified trainers with a good learning atmosphere. Classrooms at Data Next are very well equipped with respective course materials. Additionally, there are certain workshops conducted for the learners and also students will get live projects to work on and test their respective course skills. Above all, we indeed transform a student into a professional job seeker, who is ready to go for all the professional jobs.

Modes of Training we offer at Data Next

We also have a diversified set of learning portals for students which include Online courses, Classroom courses, and Corporate oriented courses as per convince of the students they could opt any of the above learning portals for their respective courses at Data Next buildings.
The reason that made us to diversify like, since, we get enrollment of students Across the Globe We decided to diversify this learning methodology into online as well as offline. Thus, the students could opt for the course and learn from anywhere and anytime as per their confidence.  Sometimes, some of the online classes can’t clear many of your doubts, we also welcome such students and give them an option to opt for our classroom study as and when they need it.

Why Choose Data Next?

  •  Free Job Assistance and Certification
  •  Dedicated training programs for NON-IT professionals
  •  12 parallel batches running currently on both weekdays and weekends
  •  Opportunity to participate in meet-ups, hackathons, and conferences
  •  Project and use case-based learning to make you Industry ready
  •  Bi-weekly industry connects from industry experts
  •  Backup Classes for missing topics
  •  Lab Facility, Wifi, LED Projector
  •  Individual Career Counselling
  •  Complete Practical Classes
  •  Weekly Tests & Assignments
  •  Mock Exams and Mock Interviews Conducted
  •  We Provide Projects for you to Practice
  •  200+ Hours of intensive practical oriented training
  •  Free Technical Support even after Course Completion

Advanced Data Science Course Curriculum

  • Data Types and Data Structures 
  • Introduction to Data
  • Descriptive Statistics 

  • Data Types and Data Structures 
  • Control Flow and Conditional Statements 
  • Functions
  • File Handling 

  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Data Visualization 
  • Case Study on Data Analysis and Visualizations
  • Regular Expressions 

  • Probability Distribution 
  • Inferential Statistics

  1.  SQL for Data Science 
  • Introduction to Databases 
  • Basics of SQL
  • SQL Joins 
  • Filtering and Sorting  
  • SQL Aggregations 
  • Subqueries and Temp Tables 
  • SQL Data Cleaning 

       2. Introduction to MACHINE LEARNING


  • Linear Regression

 A case study on Multiple Linear Regression using Python. 

  • Logistic Regression

 A Case Study on Logistic Regression using Python 

  • Decision Trees (Rule Based Learning)

  A Case Study on Decision Tree using Python 

  • Resampling Methods
  • Ensemble Methods in Tree Based Models

 A Case Study on Ensemble Methods using Python 


  • K Nearest Neighbors

  A Case Study on k-NN using Python 

  • Support Vector Machines

 A Case Study on SVM using Python 

  • Principal Components Analysis

 A Case Study on PCA using Python

  • Clustering Methods

 A Case Study on Clustering using Python â€‹

  • Association Rules Mining

 A Case Study on Rules using Python 

  • Naive Bayes

Tableau for Data Science

  • Install Tableau for Desktop 10
  • Tableau to Analyze Data
  • Tableau to Visualize Data 
  • Data Hierarchies
  • Work with Data Blending in Tableau
  • Work with Parameters 
  • Create Calculated Fields 
  • Adding Filters and Quick Filters
  • Create Interactive Dashboards 
  • Adding Actions to Dashboards 

  •  Text Preprocessing 
  •  Natural Language Understanding (NLP Statistical) 

Why Choose Data Next

  •  18+ Data science Industry experts from fortune 500 companies
  •  Dedicated In-house data scientist team available round the clock
  •  200+ Hours of intensive practical oriented training
  •  Data science Internship on our projects & products
  •  30+ POCs and use cases to work, learn and experiment
  •  200+ professionals trained in last 3 months
  •  5+ products already developed and ready to be deployed
  •  8 parallel Data science batches running currently on both weekdays and weekends