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Advanced-Data Science Course Training

Data Science training  has become one of the most opted courses, due to demand in the innovation of existing jobs. Data Next offers you complete training in data science courses with Internship thereby further preaching your aim towards becoming a Data Scientist. As the technological era is growing so are the new fields in IT in the sector growing. And especially when coming to the profession of data scientist it has got the demand on skies.

Data Next has always been at the top in identifying the learner's need and this is why we came up with catering to the Data Science course in Hyderabad which would raise up your professional standards in the workplace area in various IT sector growing cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

Data Science Course at Data Next ensures to provide the training with top industry experts and well-trained data scientists who will help you throughout the completion of your data science course. Bagging a vast experience in data science training and also training uncountable batches for years, Data Next has always been forward to come up with new courses for the learners.


What are the Tools used in Data Science?

Apart from this we also help you gain complete knowledge in various tools like R programming, Python, Statistics, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Natural Language Process (NLP), Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. Over a period of time, these tools have gained the most significant place in the process of learning a data science course. Therefore, for the one who is aspiring to be a data scientist, it becomes very essential to learn these tools. Also, one could easily get access to analytical thinking as the statistical and analytical with algorithms have always been the core of the data science course.

Also, apart from being the most demanded jobs, a person who learns a Data Science course can also work for different fields like a Machine learning engineer, or an Application development analyst, Full-stack engineer, Big Data developer. It has got many diversified roots in a single course.


Data Scientist: The Most Demanding Job of the 21st Century

Data Science  has been the most opted course by various age groups . As being a major and in-depth learning course, it also consists of many different modules that couldn’t be thought by a single tutor, thus, it has been quite difficult to find an appropriate faculty for the course. After plentiful research we got top academicians as our trainers with a huge experience in their credentials.

The data science course at Data Next starts from all the basic terminology and definite meanings and then is followed by various theories, analysis, future predictions, R programming, big data theory and also, we make you aware of prerequisites of the data science training.


Data Next for Students

We also have a very well-defined portal for student’s placement who dreams to work with giant companies. Therefore, Data science course training at Data Next in Hyderabad has a well-equipped classroom with various requirements that fulfills the students’ needs during the completion of course.

Data Next  also specializes in rendering students with various job-oriented courses and also dedicated placements portal to all the students. These courses include Big Data Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Marketing, We also have diversified our training field viz Offline and Online training, Corporate training and also classroom LED training.




Advanced Data Science Course Curriculum

Advanced Machine Learning Techniques

  • Time Series (Forecasting)

Case Study:  A Study Related to the Time Series using python 

  • Regularization Techniques
  • What are recommendation engines? 

Natural Processing Language  

  •  Text Preprocessing 
  •  Natural Language Understanding (NLP Statistical)
  •  Text Indexing 
  •  Text Classification 

Reinforcement Learning 

  •  SVD - Singular Value Decomposition 
  •  Monte-Carlo Simulation 
  • Genetic Algorithm and Evolutionary Methods 

  • Introduction to Neural Networks 
  • Deep Frameworks 
  • Artificial Neural Network with Tensorflow 
  • Convolution Neural Networks 
  • Building Convolution Neural Network in Python 
  • Keras (Backend Tensorflow)
  • Natural Processing Language (Sequential Process) 
  • Natural Processing Language (Sequential Process) 

  • Creating pickle and frozen files
  • Cloud Deploying Machine Learning and Deep Learning model for production 

Why Choose Data Next

  • 18+ Data science Industry experts from fortune 500 companies
  •  Dedicated In-house data scientist team available round the clock
  •  200+ Hours of intensive practical oriented training
  •  Data science Internship on our projects & products
  •  30+ POCs and use cases to work, learn and experiment
  •  200+ professionals trained in last 3 months
  •  5+ products already developed and ready to be deployed
  •  8 parallel Data science batches running currently on both weekdays and weekends
  •  Bi-weekly industry connects from industry experts from Banking, insurance, retail and health care domain etc.,
  •  Project and use case based learning to make you Industry ready
  •  Opportunity to participate in meet-ups, hackathons and conferences
  •  Dedicated training programs for NON IT professionals
  •  New batch on every Monday and Saturday for working and non working professionals
  •  100% placement assistance
  •  Certified and guaranteed placements for both IT and NON IT professionals